F2-21® Nanotech eeLube® Engine Oil Additive

F2-21® Nanotech eeLube® Engine Oil Additive is a unique additive/enhancer for crankcase lubricating oil. It is a breakthrough multi-functional oil treatment for use with most internal combustion engine oils (conventional, synthetic and blended oils). eeLube® has been formulated to immediately improve fuel efficiency through a cleaner burn of the oil film which when left along the combustion chamber wall during the combustion cycles, results in fuel savings, increased engine power and reduced harmful emissions. eeLube® also cleans piston rings, piston grooves and combustion chamber deposits.

eeLube® is more than an engine oil additive; it effectively

– Reduces friction and improves lubricity;
– Cleans piston heads, rings and grooves, as well as combustion chamber deposits;
– Uses the oil as a carrier to enter the combustion chambers to help enhance combustion;
– Reduces harmful engine emissions produced when lube oil burns;
– Reduces the engine octane requirement by removing combustion chamber deposits and stopping engine knocks;
– Absorbs and traps water contamination in the oil;
– Reduces soot loading in the oil.

eeLube® is suitable for all oils:

– Conventional oils
– Synthetic oils
– Blended oils
– Ideal for lubricant makers to produce fuel-efficient and emission reducing engine oil.

eeLube® helps clean away partially burned engine oil in combustion chambers, which accounts for 20 to 30% of all vehicle HC and PM tailpipe emissions.


How does it work?

F2-21® Nanotech eeLube® Engine Oil Additive is a unique breakthrough and powerful multifunctional oil additive/treatment for use with most internal combustion engine crankcase lubricating oils. Using the same core nanotechnology as F2-21® Nanotech eeFuel® Fuel Additive, eeLube® enhances the performance of engine oil and has achieved results no other oil additives can equal in increased power, improved fuel efficiency and engine protection as well as combustion chamber cleansing and piston ring, piton groove deposit removal. Under normal engine operation a small quantity of oil inevitably enters the engine combustion chamber. Although extremely small, this is sufficient oil to carry enough eeLube® to be effective. Only a very small quantity of F2-21® Nanotech eeLube® Engine Oil Additive is required to achieve remarkable results.

Its unique nanotechnology enables eeLube® to penetrate deeply into piston ring cavities and engine combustion chambers. When it enters the engine combustion chambers and is subjected to high combustion temperatures, it transforms into a powerful combustion enhancer achieving more complete combustion. It also acts as a powerful engine deposits cleaner, removing accumulated deposits from the combustion chamber, piston ring and piston groove. eeLube® also reduces friction and improves lubricity well. The effects of eeLube® result in significantly improved fuel efficiency, increased engine power engine protection and substantial emissions reduction.

eeLube® effectively stops engine knocks; it’s ideal to use for solving the problems of low speed pre-ignition of small engine.