F2-21® Nanotech eeLube® Engine Oil Additive

F2-21® Nanotech eeLube® Engine Oil Additive is the unique breakthrough powerful multi-functional oil additive/treatment for use with internal combustion engine crankcase lubricating oils including conventional, synthetic and blended oils. Using the same core F2-21® Nanotechnology, eeLube® enhances the performance of engine oil and has achieved results no other oil additives can equal in boosting engine power, improving fuel economy and protecting engine as well as combustion chamber cleansing and piston ring, piton groove deposits removal.

Technology: How does eeLube® work:

Under normal engine operation a small quantity of oil inevitably enters the engine combustion chamber. Although extremely small, it is sufficient to carry enough eeLube® to be effective. When eeLube® enters the combustion chambers, it’ll be subjected to high combustion temperatures, through F2-21® Micro-explosion, eeLube® immediately transforms into a powerful combustion enhancer achieving more complete combustion of engine oil and fuel in the combustion chamber. eeLube® also acts as a powerful engine deposits cleaner, removing accumulated deposits from the combustion chamber, piston ring and piston groove. eeLube® reduces friction and improves lubricity of the engine oil as well.