F2-21® Nanotech eeFuel® Fuel Additive and F2-21® Nanotech eeLube® Engine Oil Additives effectively upgrades all liquid fossil fuels and all engine oils to become multi-benefit green liquid fuels and green engine oils with no infrastructure or equipment change needed.
Power Plants
F2-21® Nanotech Additives Save Fuel, Reduce Regulated Emissions and Protect Equipment.
F2-21® Nanotech Additives For Producing Multi-Benefits Green Liquid Fossil Fuel And Engine Lubricating Oils.
F2-21® Nanotech Additives Improve Fuel Economy, Lower Harmful Emissions, Clean Engine Deposits, Reduce Maintenance and Prolong Engine Life.
Gas Stations
F2-21® Nanotech Additives Improve Fuel Efficiency and Enable Green Driving to Help Combat Climate Change.
F2-21® Nanotech Additives Save Bunker Fuel, Lower Regulated Emissions, Clean Engine Deposits, Solve Sludge Problems, Reduce Maintenance and Protect Equipment.
For reference, the following are relevant field tests results and actual real world applications. Supporting documents are available upon request.
H2OIL Licensing Agreement with Gulf International

H2OIL has licensed Gulf Oil International Ltd. the right to market eeFuel worldwide under the brand name “Gulf Nanotec Fuel Additive”.

Marine Diesel Engines
Field tested on the Wartsila 16V32 engines, rated at 7,900HP each, proved that eeFuel® saved 7 to 18% of IFO180 bunker fuel.
eeFuel® at the Gas Pumps in China
China Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC) is using eeFuel® to improve over-all gasoline and diesel fuel quality.
Gulf Gas Station

H2OIL has formed an alliance with Gulf Oil Mexico to supply eeFuel® Green Fuels to help improve air quality and fuel economy in Mexico.

eeFuel® at the Gas Pumps in Russia
For better fuel quality for fuel economy, more power, and cleaner driving. eeFuel® blended fuels command 66% market shares of the total independent fuel stations that selling branded fuels in Russia.
LPG Application

eeFuel® has been used successfully in LPG for improving fuel economy, increasing engine power, cleaning engine deposits, extending the life of engine oil and coolant, and reducing engine wear.

Diesel Fuel Application

Koninklijke Saan, 56 Vehicles (TNO witnessed 1.3 million kilometers field test. Average 11% disel fuel saved.

Diesel Fuel Application in Oil Tanker

13% diesel fuel saved on large tanker vessel in Kazakhstan.

Multi-Axle Truck Fleet Test
Long-term field tests in South Africa proved eeFuel® and eeLube® cleaned heavy-duty truck injector, valve, combustion chamber, piston ring and piston groove deposits and saved 14.7% diesel fuel.
538 Heavy-Duty Trucks’ 2-Year Field Test by TNO

Monitored by TNO, one of the most prestigious testing laboratory in EU, 538 heavy-duty trucks from 15 fleet companies in EU jointly conducted a 2-year actual driving tests which resulted in 9.7% average fuel saved.

Diesel Locomotive Field Test

Diesel Fuel Field Testing Operation at 2nd Division of Ulaanbaatar Railways Company, Mongolia, has shown 13.5% diesel fuel saving.

Diesel Locomotive Field Test

Tested on locomotives at Ferrovie dello Stato S.p.a. Florence, Italy in 1998 show fuel savings 8% and emission reduction 12%-40% with combustion chamber deposits cleaned like almost new.

Caterpillar (CAT) Heavy Mining Equipment Test

In Mongolia, fuel savings were gained from using eeFuel® on these heavy equipment machines, averaging 9.29% – 9.94%.

Heavy Fuel Oil Industrial Boiler Test
In South Korea, one month testing period on heavy duty industrial boiler resulted in heavy fuel oil savings of 15.6% and a 30% reduction in NOx emissions.
Power Plant

eeFuel® was used in heavy oil feeding the main power plant at Yaroslav, Russia. After only 30 days, fuel efficiency improved by over 7%, smoke stack emissions reduced and combustion heat transfer surfaces showed significant scale deposit cleaning.

Power Plant

In Russia, eeFuel® was used in HFO (M100) at the Kovdor Mining and Enrichment Plant. Economy improved 7 – 12%, particulate matter reduced 31 – 51% and heat transfer surfaces showed scale deposit cleaning 60 – 80%.

Diesel Fuel Power Generator

Heavy Fuel Oil diesel engine power generator in India – saved fuel 11% & reduced smoke emissions by 50%.

Heavy Fuel Oil Copper Furnace Test

In China, after adding eeFuel®, a copper furnace had significantly less black smoke emissions and saved about 12% fuel costs. (2006)

Large container ship traveling between USA and Taiwan

Container carrier improved Bunker C fuel economy by 12% and cleaned sludge from entire fuel system, including main engine fuel supply suction strainers.

Container Ship field tested in South East Asia

Container carrier improved Bunker C fuel economy by 12% and cleaned sludge from entire fuel system, including main engine fuel supply suction strainers.

F2-21® additives have been used successfully worldwide over billions of miles in all fuel types: gasoline/petrol, diesel fuel, bio-fuels, fuel oils and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

And Other Users

F2-21® Nanotech Additives are designed for use in all type of motor vehicles and industrial equipment such as motorcycle, automobile, truck, bus, tractor, locomotive, marine vessel, gen-set, boiler and more.