F2-21® Nanotech eeFuel® Fuel Additive and F2-21® Nanotech eeLube® Engine Oil Additive Reach Out Worldwide.

2020 – USA: Journal of Combustion – H2OIL’s Technical Paper and achievements have honorably been published by the Journal of Combustion.

2020 – USA: Enterprise Technology Review – Featured H2OIL as the “Top 10 Nanotechnology Solutions Providers for 2020″.

2018 – UK: Gulf Oil International Licensed with Gulf Oil International to market eeFuel under its brand name ”Gulf Nanotec Fuel Additive”.

2017 – Mexico: Gulf Oil Mexico – H2OIL formed alliance with Gulf Oil Mexico to supply eeFuel to help improve fuel economy and air quality in Mexico.

2016 – China: Both eeFuel and eeLube were awarded by China National Transportation Association as the best green additives for saving fuel and reducing harmful tailpipe emissions.

2016 – China: China Offshore Oil Company started using eeFuel to improve overall gasoline and diesel fuel efficency.

2014 – Mongolia: The government mandated the use of eeFuel throughout the nation for saving fuel and reducing harmful emissions.

2014 – EU: Lean and Green Award by Intertraffic Amsterdam of Holland – eeFuel was awarded “Lean and Green Award” by the Intertraffic Amsterdam in Holland as the “Lean and Green Solution” Product.

2012 – Finland: Wartsila (Maker of the World’s Largest Diesel Engines) – Wartsila issues “Letter of No Objection” to H2OIL allowing the use of eeFuel in equipment it manufactures.

2010 – Russia: Governmental certificates were awarded authorizing the use of F2-21 Nanotech Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels in Russia.

2008 – Germany: RIJNS TREEK Business Magazine – eeFuel was featured on the front cover of the July 2008 issue of RIJNS TREEK BUSINESS®, one of the EU’s most respected business magazines, where it was described as one of the best green energy products.

2006 – EU: NanoTsunami – The Nano Tsunami website featured eeFuel in an article entitled: “Nanotechnology Gasoline Reduces Global Warming at No cost”.

2006 – USA: Wall Street Reporter – Featured H2OIL in the 2006 “Nanotechnology” issue as one with the greatest potential in high-tech nanotechnology industry.

2005 – USA: Wall Street Reporter – Named H2OIL “among the top 25 oil and gas nanotechnology companies”.

2005 – UK: Frost & Sullivan – Featured H2OIL as “one of the most significant industry players in nanotechnology fuel for automotive applications”.

2005 – China: Evaluation of eeFuel by China National EPA – After over 10 years of successful tests, the China National EPA formally recognized eeFuel as the best gasoline and diesel fuel additive on the market for saving fuel and reducing vehicle toxic emissions.

1994 – USA: Forbes Magazine – Selected and featured H2OIL as “one of the world’s top 25 emerging environmental technology companies”.

1994 – United Nations – H2OIL was invited by the United Nations to present eeFuel to the countries in Asia as the most effective fuel additive for reducing urban air pollution in Asia at a conference.

Relevant Documented Test Reports:

Russia: Successful lab test conducted by Ministry of Education and Science proved that eeFuel is the multifunctional fuel additive, which greatly improved diesel fuel economy, reduced harmful emissions and cleaned engine deposits.

South Africa: Independent field tests in South Africa prove eeFuel and eeLube effectively clean injector, valve, combustion chamber, piston ring and groove engine deposits.

USA: Falex Engine Oil Testing Laboratory – Laboratory tests proved eeLube reduced friction from 19% to 62%.

Mexico: Mexican Government and Pemex Oil Company Join-conducted a 7 months field actual driving test on 210 city buses; result proved eeFuel saved up to 7 % diesel fuel on MAN, VOLVO and MERCEDES engines from heavy city driving.

India: India Government – Diesel fleet test conducted by International Center Automotive Transportation (ICAT) conducts a diesel fleet test. Result: eeFuel saved 5.75 % in diesel fuel consumption.

Russia: The Ministry of Agriculture conducted 6-month fleets field tests results proved eeFuel achieved average 19.46% gasoline and 9.5 diesel fuel savings.

Germany: Munich University in Germany successfully tested eeFuel using the Modified New European Driving Cycle Test on a BMW 330tdi diesel engine. Test results showed 30.5% reduction of black smoke particulate matter, 31.1% reduction of hydrocarbons, 6.1% reduction of CO2, and 13 to 22% reduction of NOx. Fuel consumption improved by an average of 10%.

USA: California Environmental Engineering “POC” Tests – A series of Proof of Concept (POC) tests on Cummins engine with eeFuel Fuel and eeLube were conducted by California Environmental Engineering (CEE), an independent testing laboratory recognized by USEPA and certified by the California Air Resource Board (CARB), prove the additives effectively help reduce “Carbon Footprint” through improve fuel economy and reduce harmful emissions (NOx, NMHC, CO).

EU: European Union the largest magnitude long-term actual field driving testing with mass fleets of 538 heavy-duty diesel trucks – Conducted by TNO, the most reputable testing lab in Europe, 15 good-size EU transport companies participated in this 2-year actual driving test. Total 538 heavy-duty vehicles used approximately 4.9 million liters of eeFuel treated diesel fuel and covered more than 9 million miles resulting in 9.7% average fuel savings. The large number of vehicles, extensive testing period and significant distance travelled gives great confidence in this result.

USA: California government agency long-term fleet field driving – Mendocino County (California) has been using eeFuel in a fuel storage tank that fuels a fleet of 284 vehicles. After five months of using eeFuel and found an average 18.79% MPG increase that ranged from 9.73% to 37.50%.

Germany: TUV’s fuel quality lab test – The test results certified that eeFuel met all fuel quality standards. TUV is the most prestigious testing laboratory in Europe Union.

Taiwan: Large deep-sea marine vessel test – Using eeFuel in a large container ship (46,000-ton DWT and 37,000-HP engine) proved it saved 8.1% Bunker C on 2 round trips between Taiwan and the West Coast USA.

Germany: BMW 130i Leman Racing engine power test result proved eeLube increased the engine power and torque of this highly tuned race engine by 4%.

The Netherlands: Wesseling Transport Company– Long-term fleet tests conducted by Wesseling Transport showed that eeFuel achieved a fuel economy improvement averaging 11.19%. This full scale test, using a fleet of 36 full size Volvo and MAN trucks, was carefully controlled by a highly regarded independent consulting engineer, Ronald Ligteringen, and overseen by TNO, one of the most respected testing Institutes in the world. The test utilized GPS (Global Positioning Satellites) tracking and over 700,000 accumulated miles of real world driving.

Hong Kong: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) issued an official test report in July 2003 confirming the stability of eeFuel with droplets measured in the 3 to 9 nanometers range

Japan: Tokyo EPA diesel fuel dyno test result proved eeFuel reduced diesel fuel black smoke by over 46%.

Italy: Italian National Railways (Ferrovie) Test – eeFuel was tested in 2,000 horsepower diesel locomotives. Test results showed an 8% fuel saving, 40% exhaust smoke reduction, and almost 100% removal of combustion chamber deposits, as determined during a 550,000 kilometer engine overhaul.

China: National Railroad Ministry endorsement – China National Railroad Ministry formally endorsed eeFuel for use in improving fuel economy and reducing smoke emissions in diesel locomotives. The endorsement came after a series of successful bench and actual rail tests.

USA: US EPA FTP-75 gasoline exhaust emissions test – Testing on eeFuel followed the U.S. EPA FTP-75 protocol for gasoline exhaust emissions showed excellent toxic emissions reduction.

USA: US EPA FTP-75 diesel fuel exhaust emissions test – Testing on eeFuel followed the U.S. EPA FTP-75 protocol for diesel fuel exhaust emissions showed excellent smoke and particulate reduction.