F2-21® Nanotech eeFuel® Fuel Additive

F2-21® Nanotech eeFuel® Fuel Additive is the multi-functional liquid nanotechnology fuel additive and enhancer designed to improve fuel efficiency across all fuel types: gasoline/petrol, diesel fuel, bio-fuels, fuel oils and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). When added to fuel, eeFuel® works to immediately transform these fuels, into high-efficient nanotechnology enhanced fuels, resulting in improved fuel efficiency – saving fuel, reducing harmful emissions, increasing engine power and a clean injector, valve, combustion chamber, piston ring and piston groove.


How does it work?

F2-21® Nanotech eeFuel® Fuel Additive is a highly concentrated fuel additive utilizing high-tech liquid nanotechnology. Inside the fuel tank, F2-21® builds an exceptionally stable three-dimensional lattice structure consisting of sub-microscopic nano-clusters, all evenly distributed within the fuel. These F2-21® nano-clusters are physically, chemically, or catalytically active depending on the stage of the combustion cycle.

When F2-21® nano-clusters reach the engine and begin to burn in the combustion chamber, they rapidly pick up heat and literally explode into steam. These steam explosions generate two very significant benefits:

  1. Larger liquid fuel droplets are broken down into smaller and more readily vaporized sizes.
  2. Increased turbulence improves localized mixing of air/fuel vapor.

When exploding nano-clusters reach the surface of the engine combustion chamber, they create a very gentle steam cleaning action that steadily removes any accumulated combustion chamber deposits. A clean combustion chamber gives cooler combustion, lower emissions, cleaner lubricating oil, and a reduced engine octane requirement.